GREENECOLIFE is dedicated to implementing the high quality control standards and complete systems of management, customer service to ensure the reliable quality and quantity. By using safe materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing, GREENECOLIFE is able to provide products that are both safe and functional for daily use, indoors and outdoors.

What materials are GREENECOLIFE products made of ?

The main composition is bamboo fiber, a highly renewable resource, and 100% non-toxic food-grade MF resin binder. This composite material is described as a biopolymer. Also some little percentage of the cornstarch and dyes is used in the material. 

Is the bamboo grown organically?

Yes! Bamboo plant is one of our earth’s most renewable and sustainable resources. It is a fast-growing, naturally-regenerative woody grass which flourishes organically without pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. It can be continuously harvested every 3 years without damaging the plant or the surrounding environment. The bamboo used in our products is collected from the sawdust that is shed from cutting and shaping bamboo products from bamboo factories located closely, and from the farmed forests for commercial use.

Is the MF resin binder safe for use?

Yes! Our A5 food-grade MF resin binder is obtained and made synthetically. And our products comply with the European Plastic regulation (EU) N10/2011 and Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 which acknowledges that our dishware is suitable for all types of food and liquid below boiling temperature.

The only condition where migration of the resin binder may occur is if it is heated to temperatures above boiling (100°C/212° F) for an excessive period of time (90 minutes +). Heating under extreme temperatures essentially melts the material, changing its molecular structure - for this reason, we do not recommend microwave and conventional oven use.

What dyes are used for our products? Are they safe?

All dyes used on our products are 100% food-grade and entirely non-toxic.

Dry color pigments (mineral or non organic) are mixed with the powder composite used to make the products. Because the color is in the mass of the product, and not coated on top of it, there is no color transfer or leaching. As there is no external varnish, the product maintains its original appearance and color over time.

Are GREENECOLIFE products biodegradable?

If buried in the ground (completely covered by earth), the bamboo fiber content will decompose in 2-3 years. The non-organic elements will decompose at a slower rate, but faster than 100% petroleum-based plastics.

Use & Care

While our products are durable and long-lasting, this eco-friendly material is not unbreakable. It will not shatter like ceramic or glass but if dropped at a bad angle on a hard floor, a chip or crack may occur. 

It is dishwasher safe used, we recommend  washing  at 70°C / 160°F placed on the top rack of the dishwasher, no Microwave.